The journey of a lifetime?

Shades on

This could be a gift of a lifetime. I’m asking the brothers Ronny and Rikki (ronrik) to start a journey online that could die in a whimper, or glow brighter over the years!

As the digital age evolves (explodes?) two brains may just be more novel than one. Let’s see what ideas and opinions collaboration can bring.

I’d like to see them actively “blogging” together (ideally as friends) when they are both eighty – long after my voice has gone quiet…something to change this world!

– Rajat (papa)


About ronrik

Ronny, born in New York, is interested in piano, chess, soccer and reading. (Intense!) Rikki, born in San Jose, loves monkeys, soccer, drums, art, legos and wildlife! (Dude!)

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