birthday @ bear valley – rikki

bear valley skiing
My 9th birthday was celebrated at Bear Valley – the trip there was nice, except that I was queasy on the way. The views at Bear Valley were magnificent.
Papa, Ronny and I skiied down “Super Cub” – we all got wiped out a few times (I got wiped out the most!) .  The most memorable incident was while I was unloading from the chair lift – I got off too late and was airborne for several feet, but  landed perfectly on my skis. Wow! As Papa said, the gloves are off.

Conservation – ronny (written in 5th grade)

emperor penguin

One time we were at the Monterey Bay aquarium.  It was when we saw some tuna that I asked my Dad why he didn’t eat any.  He said that while fishing certain kinds of tuna, fishermen killed dolphins. It was then that I started thinking about conservation.

From the age of four, I was always saying “Don’t leave the water running” or “Turn off the light”.  I was a little kid then, and didn’t know any other ways to help.  But now I know that persuading friends to walk or bike instead of driving cars or motorcycles can help stop pollution.  I recycle paper as much as I can, and continue to conserve water and power.

I don’t think people are conserving much these days.  They are poaching, chopping down rain forests, and polluting the air. Due to Greenhouse gases, the polar ice caps are melting, causing fish and other sea life to die.  Many animals have lost their homes and some are close to extinction.
I love animals and don’t think that they matter any less than humans!  We won’t just be very lonely without animals – animals are really important for our own survival.  I hope that people get moving to help species live in prosperity, and that animals get the respect they deserve.

I like zoos and aquariums with beautiful wildlife, like the Monterey Bay aquarium, because they help educate people. My Dad helped by being a member of the WWF since he was in high school. I’d like to help too. If I become an Official Explorer I will do my best to spread the word to other kids like me.

Culture essay – ronny (12)

world flags

In my opinion, the United States of America has one of the most culturally diverse communities in the world. Walk out onto the street, and you will see Chinese, Hispanic, European, African, and other people with fascinating cultures from around the world. There is no segregation, few prejudices, and no mistrust. Children from opposite ends of the globe hold hands instead of making outcasts, speak without racism in their voices, and play without violence.

Why, some may ask, is this place so different? It’s quite simple. America is the land of hope, freedom, and success. People from all around the world come here for many reasons. Some want a more enriched life. Some want to escape religious persecution. All want to be free. America is one of the few places where their wishes actually come true. America is very open to accepting immigrants and political refugees.

American people are proud to be diverse, and show their pride. For example, California, where I live, is a more gloriously diverse place than most. In school, we celebrate American as well as non-indigenous holidays. The same class learns about Chinese New Year, Diwali, and Hanukkah. In my elementary school, some parents came in to give presentations explaining why and how certain holidays were celebrated in their countries. The school really encouraged diversity; we learned about all kinds of legends, stories and celebrations. My school had “Heritage Day” – it was well organized, and was a lot of fun with games, challenges and foods from around the world. In schools all over America, it is common to see food ranging from burgers to sushi. Walk into an American mall and you can see a party of Africans eating Indian food served by Europeans.

I have many friends. My best friends have Korean, Chinese, Hispanic, and Indian heritage. I enjoy hanging out with them, eating foreign foods, and learning about other cultures. I have a friend that has ancestry from all over Europe, and another that is half Chinese and half Indian. I love pizza, sushi, dumplings and a bunch of other delicacies from around the world. I speak Bengali fluently, and play the piano, an instrument neither American nor Indian.

Cultural diversity leads to balanced communities and strong nations. Every race has certain skills. Be it leadership, strength, intelligence, or perseverance, every culture has something to contribute. If we were a nation of just athletes, or only programmers, we wouldn’t be a world power for very long. Being different really does help our economy. However, without the support and non-discrimination of all of America, it really wouldn’t work out. What’s fantastic is that so many people live here that came from somewhere else that America is truly the Land of Immigrants! So next time you are at the mall, eating some really good non-American food, thank diversity and celebrate our world!

New Year’s Eve – Rikki (8)

new year fireworks

On December 31, a couple of exciting things happen. First, colors fill the sky and the New Year begins. People chitter and chatter excitedly while they sit on the cool grass. The smell of burnt fireworks fills the air and color fills the dark night. People at home watch the countdown – three, two, one, zero- people cheer and clap. But once it’s twelve-o-one once again, quiet and serenity comes into the night.

paua shell – rikki

paua shell

Paua shells are very colorful and are mainly found in New Zealand. The colors in them are sea blue, sage green, pale orange, light pink and purple. In the sunlight, the colors shimmer vividly. Wild paua shells are rough as a cracked boulder but after they are polished they are as smooth as glass. They are used for decoration and to make jewelry. Paua shells are probably the most colorful shells in the world, that’s why some people like them.

a spider’s web – rikki

spider web

There are a few reasons spider webs are phenomenal. The first reason is because they look awesome in the moonlight, shimmering away. I simply adore when the wind blows – it slowly shakes. Lastly I like that the designs are unique.

Rude jokes – ronny

rude jokes

Hi, all. This is Ronny Mukherjee, and I have not been writing any blogs lately. In fact, this is actually my first one! So here are a couple of homemade jokes for a start.

So, there is a terrorist commander inspecting his new platoon of rookie terrorists. He orders them to stand in a line. He looks at the line, and sees twenty or so heavily muscled tough guys, and one little 8 year old boy with glasses. He says, “Okay, new terrorists! I will ask you where you received your combat training, and then I will hand one Ak-47 to you.” He asks the first guy, “Al Khemed Base!” “Okay, here is your gun.” The inspecting proceeds in much the same fashion until he reaches the boy. “Where did you receive your training?” “Call of Duty 4!” He hands the boy a gun. The boy asks, “Where is the R1 button on this?”

A midget walks to the battlefield, picks up a rifle, walks to an enemy soldier and fires, crying “BOOM! HEADSHOT!” The soldier cries out, “OW! My knee!”

A midget goes up to someone he hates, saying “I am going to jump you tomorrow!” “Okay, I’ll be wearing shin guards.”