Starry – rikki (9)


A cool air blew across a small village in Europe, stars shown in the eerie moonlit night.  Wolves howled on a peak and then there was silence.  Three hours later a poor man named Jacques Singer stepped out of his bakery shop wearing a shaggy brown sweater.  He wiped his rose colored nose with his finger and walked into the sunlight.  Trees swayed in the tan and pink light, shaking their green leaves.

As he walked a small stray dog silently followed him. Jacques turned around and saw the dog, it whimpered and edged forward.  Jacques smiled and slid his wrinkled hand across the stray’s cold fur.  The dog nudged Jacques’ leg and scurried away.

The next morning he set out for his three o’clock a.m. walk, this time carrying biscuits for the stray dog.  The dog was hiding behind an earthen pot waiting to pounce on Jacques.  Once he walked past the pot, the stray playfully jumped at him.  He dropped the biscuits and the dog ate the buttery snacks.

Jacques was having a nicer life and began to love the dog more and more. He named the dog Starry.

One afternoon Jacques sat on his bed and heard a shattering of glass and an odd whimper.  He ran to the door and saw two men stealing food from his bakery and Starry on the floor bleeding.  On seeing Jacques, the two men ran out of the shop but Jacques ran to Starry.  Starry was breathing slowly and tears were pouring out of Jacques’ eyes.

Starry whimpered and then there was silence….


About ronrik

Ronny, born in New York, is interested in piano, chess, soccer and reading. (Intense!) Rikki, born in San Jose, loves monkeys, soccer, drums, art, legos and wildlife! (Dude!)

3 responses to “Starry – rikki (9)

  1. sutapa mukund

    OMG!!! what a lovely and well written story!! I was very touched with the story and delighted with the fantastic and lovely piece of writing. well done.

  2. Anupam DasGupta

    A beautiful touching story. I was deeply moved my the ending. Keep it up.

  3. Ria-didi

    Bravo, Rikki! Please keep writing! I want to read your books someday 🙂

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