Adobe, Apple, and Google: Time to wage war – ronny (14)

As you all (hopefully) know, Apple and Adobe have been at odds recently, and one of the main embodiments of this hostility is the fact that the new iPad does not legally support flash . No flash. None. Though it’s the standard for most pages containing any kind of animation and the standard for animating short cartoons, the big guy at Apple maintains that Adobe Flash is buggy, insecure, restricting, power hogging, and outdated. Hence, the new iPad does not legally support flash, meaning that it not only forces third party developers to use different tools, but also that apps made with the tools in the new CS5 package can’t be used for the tablet either.
What does this mean for Adobe?
The iPad is developing huge market share, and third party developers will soon have to choose between going with the established Flash apps or siding with the huge number of consumers Apple is reeling in. This will be a huge battle, but Adobe has recently found a way to fight back: they’re siding with Google.
Until Google began producing mobile platforms, Apple and Google were good friends; their market niches never overlapped.  Apple made brilliant iPods and, well, iMacs, and OSs and basically battled it out with Microsoft’s Zune’s, PCs, and Windows. Google did its search, earth, maps, mail, basically general cloud computing thing, and even issued iPhones to its employees.
Then the Android came out and it all changed.
Suddenly, Apple was competing with Google! They had an overlapping market niche, and more overlaps are coming; with the new online spotlight search capabilities and iAds, Apple is looking to steal Google’s main business.  Does anyone see an iTube versus YouTube thing coming on? Apple subsequently sued HTC over Android phone patent infringements, and it was on, baby.
However, the Google Android platform is doing quite well. Though it doesn’t have nearly the marketshare of the iPhone, its popularity is steadily increasing, while the iPhone’s marketshare is decreasing. Considering that the Android phones support Flash and have a rising consumer interest factor, and you can see that this is going to be an epic war between Apple and Google. And Adobe is trying to tip the scales; it recently started issuing Android phones to its employees. They are also introducing Flash 10.1 for the platform.
So what do you think? Who will win? The Goliath iPhone/iPad with its huge fan base, app market, and third party interest? Or the underdog Android platform with the rising marketshare, Flash support, and Adobe backup?

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Ronny, born in New York, is interested in piano, chess, soccer and reading. (Intense!) Rikki, born in San Jose, loves monkeys, soccer, drums, art, legos and wildlife! (Dude!)

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