fire and spirit- rikki (12)


the night continues on, although something is different

silently, projectiles make their way across the dark stage

suddenly the spectrum erupts with a satisfying crack

the dull canvas of the world now is enveloped by vibrant cascades of color

suddenly, the neon performance turns to a silence, soon devoured by applause

fire and spirit consume the hour


A Boy and His Truck- Rikki (12)

Finishing FlagsA boy sat in his small room, his back to the door.  The curtains were shut but the bright summer sun leaked through the striped curtains onto the boy, currently occupied with his toy cars.  He mocked races, his mouth perpetually vibrating, perpetually emitting the sounds of engines roaring, crashes, commentators and explosions. The vivid races paused every few minutes for the boy to catch his breath and allow his tingling lips to rest.  To a careful observer one would find that every race, through every intense drift and huge pileup, a red truck always won.  He sped each car individually across the carpet but always had his red truck’s speed the fastest.  Even if the truck was in last at one moment, it was just a “plan” by the driver to save up his “boosters” for the end to win the race.  Like many children had their special toys- stuffed animals, beloved lego pieces, super hero figurines, this was his special toy.  He had loved it since the day his father had bought it with glistening red paint on its hood and its spotless windshield, till now with its scratched up windshield, its slightly crooked wheel, little bits of paint scratched of the hood and battered bumper.  Everyday of the summer he would wake up, get ready for the breakfast (which he wolfed down) and get out his box of cars.  After he was finished choosing the right cars for the track whether it was off road or NASCAR, he took out his special red truck, always close at hand, and pushed all the unneeded things from the “track”. From then on the race followed his rules and imagination, but always had two winners… The boy and his little red truck…