Adobe, Apple, and Google: Time to wage war – ronny (14)

As you all (hopefully) know, Apple and Adobe have been at odds recently, and one of the main embodiments of this hostility is the fact that the new iPad does not legally support flash . No flash. None. Though it’s the standard for most pages containing any kind of animation and the standard for animating short cartoons, the big guy at Apple maintains that Adobe Flash is buggy, insecure, restricting, power hogging, and outdated. Hence, the new iPad does not legally support flash, meaning that it not only forces third party developers to use different tools, but also that apps made with the tools in the new CS5 package can’t be used for the tablet either.
What does this mean for Adobe?
The iPad is developing huge market share, and third party developers will soon have to choose between going with the established Flash apps or siding with the huge number of consumers Apple is reeling in. This will be a huge battle, but Adobe has recently found a way to fight back: they’re siding with Google.
Until Google began producing mobile platforms, Apple and Google were good friends; their market niches never overlapped.  Apple made brilliant iPods and, well, iMacs, and OSs and basically battled it out with Microsoft’s Zune’s, PCs, and Windows. Google did its search, earth, maps, mail, basically general cloud computing thing, and even issued iPhones to its employees.
Then the Android came out and it all changed.
Suddenly, Apple was competing with Google! They had an overlapping market niche, and more overlaps are coming; with the new online spotlight search capabilities and iAds, Apple is looking to steal Google’s main business.  Does anyone see an iTube versus YouTube thing coming on? Apple subsequently sued HTC over Android phone patent infringements, and it was on, baby.
However, the Google Android platform is doing quite well. Though it doesn’t have nearly the marketshare of the iPhone, its popularity is steadily increasing, while the iPhone’s marketshare is decreasing. Considering that the Android phones support Flash and have a rising consumer interest factor, and you can see that this is going to be an epic war between Apple and Google. And Adobe is trying to tip the scales; it recently started issuing Android phones to its employees. They are also introducing Flash 10.1 for the platform.
So what do you think? Who will win? The Goliath iPhone/iPad with its huge fan base, app market, and third party interest? Or the underdog Android platform with the rising marketshare, Flash support, and Adobe backup?

my presidential campaign – rikki (10)

Last year, I was elected student council president of Williams Elementary School. My main objective is to make a difference in my school, obviously in a good way. I hope to address my intentions during my school year.
Here’s the poster I made. My slogan was simple “It’s not that tricky…vote for Rikki.”
Rikki's election poster

Rikki for President!

Here’s a video of my campaign speech:
Hello Williams Whales – my name is Rikki Mukherjee and I’m running for Student Council President. We don’t have time for gimmicks and I couldn’t hire a rock band because I’m out of pocket money. Let me tell you straight why I am your best choice for President. I’m hardworking, responsible and will take initiative. As your leader, I will always work to make your voice heard. If you want to rock with Rikki, vote number 9 and you’ll be fine! It’s not that tricky … just vote for Rikki!
Here’s how it went:
After going through the election process with speeches and meetings I was called along with the other candidates for a 7:30 a.m. meeting where the office bearers were announced (Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and President). The names of the winners came out slowly, as if the teachers wanted to kill us with suspense. Theatrical but true, the initial way I found out that I had won was when I saw my name on the piece of paper (holding the names of the cabinet members) when a bit of sunlight filtered through a window, allowing me to read my name from behind.
Later, San Jose Councilwoman Nancy Pyle came to Williams to swear-in the student council.  It was covered by the Almaden Times newspaper!
Nancy Pyle addressing Williams school

Nancy Pyle addresses the student council at Flag

Nancy Pyle swears Rikki in as president

It was exciting!

birthday @ bear valley – rikki

bear valley skiing
My 9th birthday was celebrated at Bear Valley – the trip there was nice, except that I was queasy on the way. The views at Bear Valley were magnificent.
Papa, Ronny and I skiied down “Super Cub” – we all got wiped out a few times (I got wiped out the most!) .  The most memorable incident was while I was unloading from the chair lift – I got off too late and was airborne for several feet, but  landed perfectly on my skis. Wow! As Papa said, the gloves are off.

New Year’s Eve – Rikki (8)

new year fireworks

On December 31, a couple of exciting things happen. First, colors fill the sky and the New Year begins. People chitter and chatter excitedly while they sit on the cool grass. The smell of burnt fireworks fills the air and color fills the dark night. People at home watch the countdown – three, two, one, zero- people cheer and clap. But once it’s twelve-o-one once again, quiet and serenity comes into the night.

paua shell – rikki

paua shell

Paua shells are very colorful and are mainly found in New Zealand. The colors in them are sea blue, sage green, pale orange, light pink and purple. In the sunlight, the colors shimmer vividly. Wild paua shells are rough as a cracked boulder but after they are polished they are as smooth as glass. They are used for decoration and to make jewelry. Paua shells are probably the most colorful shells in the world, that’s why some people like them.

a spider’s web – rikki

spider web

There are a few reasons spider webs are phenomenal. The first reason is because they look awesome in the moonlight, shimmering away. I simply adore when the wind blows – it slowly shakes. Lastly I like that the designs are unique.

San Francisco trip 2008 – rikki (8)

Rainforest Cafe

Out of all of my Saturdays, the trip to San Francisco made this Saturday the best. I stared at the gray seat in front of me, we were stuck in a long line of cars all waiting for the same reason as me, the Coit tower. All I knew about it was that it was a tower that had a good view. My big brother Ronny and I both sat there and complained “Lets leave” or “This tower better be good.” After twenty minutes or so we got into the tower’s parking lot. “Fresh air at last,” I said sarcastically.

When I got into the tower I had to go up a rickety elevator to go a few floors up. I lugged up the steep brass stairs, I had to be careful not to fall because of the painful way down. When I got to the top I was cured of my jelly legs. The view was magnificent, though. When we left, my brother admitted that the Coit Tower was pretty cool.

Then we went down the crooked Lombard Street. It went pretty much like BUMP! Squeak! BUMP! Squeak! The most memorable place was the Rainforest Café. We were starving when we got the food. The robotic animals were radical and realistic. When there was a “thunderstorm”, flashes of “lightning” could be seen on the ceiling. After lunch at the Rainforest Café, we watched street musicians play music and dance. All in all, the trip to San Francisco was thrilling and a wonderful experience.

Sealed forever!

Sealed with a handshake

Alright! Both Rikki and Ronny agree and will write at least once a month. We are now officially friends forever (at least over the nets.) Ronny will be writing about serious and humorous issues – maybe something about global warming or the Iraq War, or maybe something about middle-school hobos. Rikki will be writing about stuff like poems, short stories and mischievous ideas!

Sometimes, we will write together.

ronrik 🙂

The journey of a lifetime?

Shades on

This could be a gift of a lifetime. I’m asking the brothers Ronny and Rikki (ronrik) to start a journey online that could die in a whimper, or glow brighter over the years!

As the digital age evolves (explodes?) two brains may just be more novel than one. Let’s see what ideas and opinions collaboration can bring.

I’d like to see them actively “blogging” together (ideally as friends) when they are both eighty – long after my voice has gone quiet…something to change this world!

– Rajat (papa)