the pianist- rikki (12)

Keys- The Pianist

The pianist walks towards his instrument, his mind abuzz; notes tumbling alongside his thoughts. Then, finally, he settles upon his perch. The pianist begins after one, subtle cough. His hands run on the smooth black and white staircase of the piano. Marvelously, a tune erupts. It caresses the audience’s ears with the unmatchable beauty of sound. The hands of the pianist continue their movement, sometimes jumping angrily and sometimes making small graceful hops on the glistening staircase of keys. The pianist’s feet come down on the golden pedals as if to add emphasis to the unspoken words of the music.
Then, as the beat slows and the music is almost finished, notes gloriously pronounce the end. The pianist stands and bows.


hands of war – rikki (11)

D-day - Landing at Normandy

D-day - The Hands of War

The boat stopped, our stomachs churned, just like the waves in front of us

We ran, our legs beneath the tide, our guns clutched. We ran, our prayers hung in mid sentence. We ran.

They shot, their guns rattled, spewing empty cartridges like an active volcano. They shot, their shells thumping flinging dirt and blood from the ground. They shot.

We prayed knowing deep in our hearts that God was now out of the question- “Will we live?” We prayed even though we knew God could not hear us in this bloody racket. We prayed.

They tore our army as if we were worthless papers. They tore our flesh and will from our bodies with their never-ending cascade of metal. They tore.

We ran and prayed, knowing that we had been torn from the hands of hope and had been put into new hands.

We had run into the ruthless, unforgiving hands of war.

India in strokes – rikki (11)

Click on the image below to see a slideshow of “Essence of India”

Essence of India

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jazzin’ it up! – rikki (10)

Thought I’d jazz up the blog … here are my performances with my teachers Mr. Ashot Mnjoyan (bass guitar) and Mr. Alex Goldman (piano) at the 2010 Spring Recital at the Almaden School of Music last week.  I hope you enjoy them.

Watermelon Man (Herbie Hancock)

Caravan (Duke Ellington)

my presidential campaign – rikki (10)

Last year, I was elected student council president of Williams Elementary School. My main objective is to make a difference in my school, obviously in a good way. I hope to address my intentions during my school year.
Here’s the poster I made. My slogan was simple “It’s not that tricky…vote for Rikki.”
Rikki's election poster

Rikki for President!

Here’s a video of my campaign speech:
Hello Williams Whales – my name is Rikki Mukherjee and I’m running for Student Council President. We don’t have time for gimmicks and I couldn’t hire a rock band because I’m out of pocket money. Let me tell you straight why I am your best choice for President. I’m hardworking, responsible and will take initiative. As your leader, I will always work to make your voice heard. If you want to rock with Rikki, vote number 9 and you’ll be fine! It’s not that tricky … just vote for Rikki!
Here’s how it went:
After going through the election process with speeches and meetings I was called along with the other candidates for a 7:30 a.m. meeting where the office bearers were announced (Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and President). The names of the winners came out slowly, as if the teachers wanted to kill us with suspense. Theatrical but true, the initial way I found out that I had won was when I saw my name on the piece of paper (holding the names of the cabinet members) when a bit of sunlight filtered through a window, allowing me to read my name from behind.
Later, San Jose Councilwoman Nancy Pyle came to Williams to swear-in the student council.  It was covered by the Almaden Times newspaper!
Nancy Pyle addressing Williams school

Nancy Pyle addresses the student council at Flag

Nancy Pyle swears Rikki in as president

It was exciting!

a big decision – rikki (10)

Silver Bell

Silver Bell

My face is buried in the palms of my warm hands….thinking…waiting…deciding. I feel my parents’ eyes on me, stuck, with Tacky Glue.

My father is the first to shatter the intense silence, “So, do you want to go or not?”

An odd silence once again moves into the room. Sitting beside me, my brother sighs.

Finally, I let out, “No, I love this house.”

“You will regret it,” my mother responded.

“I know I will, but we’ve been looking…” I break off in mid-sentence and stand up. “Okay, let’s go…” I say, sounding defeated.

Next thing I know, I’m standing in a real nice house (with my own room).

“Welcome to your new home, Rikki.”

blackout – rikki (9)




One dark evening…

I woke up to the sound of my cell phone ringing. I turned on my bed lamp and reached for the phone…when my hands met the cold metal I pulled it to my ear. “Hello?” I asked into the speaker. There was no response. “BAM!” A flash of light exploded from outside the room and the house shook like a rattle in a baby’s hand.

 The lights suddenly flickered, then turned off. “What the…” I breathed to myself. I walked towards my closet to get my flashlight and the floor creaked beneath me. I pulled the closet door open and snatched the flashlight from my shelf and turned it on. A beam of light ran down the hallway.

I turned the light away from the hall and pointed it at the window in my room. I walked towards my window and I looked out – lightning streaked the black sky and shook the house. I shuddered and switched the main light to the “ON” phase…nothing lit up. “A blackout” I thought to myself. I went into my parent’s room and looked in, they were fast asleep. I crept out and closed the door, and sauntered to my room. 

A chill ran up my spine, “Its cold as pie up here!” I exclaimed. I put on a sweatshirt and headed downstairs towards the thermostat. I looked at the temperature “52 degrees!” I whispered harshly. I cranked it up, but nothing happened. I bounded up the stairs and pulled the comforter off the bed. I wrapped it around myself and went back down the stairs into the kitchen.

I quickly took out ingredients for “Hot Chocolate” and headed towards the stove. I had read in a book, that in a blackout you could start the stove with a match, so I tried it and it worked! I placed the mug of Hot Cocoa on the fire and waited. I went back upstairs and sipped the steaming, rich chocolate all night. That morning I woke up on the floor, with an empty cup of coca next to me, to the sound of an alarm. 

 “School?” I asked myself. 

Grandmother Oak – Rikki (9)

Grandmother Oak

Grandmother Oak

“written for a special native american boy”

I slid my hand against the smooth bark of the Grandmother Oak and smiled to myself, “It is a brilliant day!” The sun leaked through the hole inside the tree while a fresh pine-scented wind lapped past the burrow, sending acorns tapping the ground. The leaves shook, making a sound ever so slightly…Shhhhh! I walked outside, my toes touching the moist earth, and picked an acorn off the grass. Dry leaves drifted to the floor. I slid my hand against a rumpled leaf and closed my eyes. Tossing the acorn in my warm hand, I walked all the way home.

Winter – a poem – Rikki (9)

Winter Winds

Winter Winds

mist follows the swaying trees while rain trickles off the tiled rooftops

grass swishes in a field as if it were the sea

frost gives the air a chill as if it were a freezer

the clouds form a sweatshirt for the sky but the sun just hides away

A walk through the forest – rikki (9)

Sequoia Trees

Sequoia Trees

I walked along a gravel trail leading through the sequoia forest taking deep breaths of the fresh pine air.  My mom and dad followed me scanning the serene scene of wildlife.  My older brother watched a squirrel bound up a tree, stuffing his mouth with nuts.  A slight wind was blowing making the pine cones bombard the floor… tup, tup, tup