fire and spirit- rikki (12)


the night continues on, although something is different

silently, projectiles make their way across the dark stage

suddenly the spectrum erupts with a satisfying crack

the dull canvas of the world now is enveloped by vibrant cascades of color

suddenly, the neon performance turns to a silence, soon devoured by applause

fire and spirit consume the hour


It’s Creation Science!

What yesterday was fiction today manifests truly.

A rather poetic way of putting it, but I believe that the momentous occasion this article pertains to deserves it. This is a moment that future historians and students will look back on. Whether their rearward glances will contain regret or admiration, only time will tell. But for now, we’ve got this to chew on:

Man has become God.

The Synthetic Cell
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Gulf Oil Crisis – ronny (14)

Yes. No question about it.

This was President Obama’s take on the crisis which has dominated news billboards for the past week and may be dominating the coast in a couple of days.

It all started on April 20, when a massive explosion in the Gulf of Mexico destroyed an oil rig owned by British Petroleum, killing eleven workers and starting one of the worst oil slicks in history. The pipe, ruptured in three places, began to pour out huge amounts of crude oil into the Gulf, and, here we are. The slick is now 30 miles long, and up to 210,000 gallons are pouring out each day.

Oil Slick

Oil Slick!!

Oil is slowly accumulating, and will soon reach the coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi, and possibly even Florida. It is estimated that these huge amounts of crude oil will completely devastate wildlife and sealife, hurting the economy in a deadly barrage of ways:

-Waste of huge amounts of oil
-Need for huge amounts of money spent to fix up the hole
-Death of sea life and wildlife raising prices of food
-Lack of tourism along the coast
-Possible need of evacuation or further water filtration
-Complete screwage of the American People

Not only this, but the ecology of the area is in no fine shape either; scientists estimate that local fish and birds will be devastated more than during the ’89 Valdez spill, and some of the hundreds of species on the Gulf Coast may even go extinct.

If that weren’t bad enough, scientists are also considering the possibility of a total wellhead failure, in which case the amount of oil spilled per day could hit 100,000 barrels, or 4.2 Million Gallons. They’re also saying that it might take up to 90 days to fix this problem
So, if someone up there is really ticked off, we could be looking at 378,000,000 gallons of oil spilled before this is fixed. That’s 1,512,000,000 quarts. That’s 6,048,000,000 cups. That’s a LOT.

I’m thinking the man at the White House has hit the nail right on the head.

It’s been nice.

Foxhurst Fire! – Rikki (10)

Fire on Foxhurst Way (2008)

Fire on Foxhurst Way (2008)

One Saturday afternoon in April 2008, on Foxhurst Way, a huge house fire engulfed the Hughes family’s home. The fire nearly burned down the entire house! The explanation is: the old shingles had caught fire from embers in the fireplace. This devastating fire will always be remembered by the Foxhurst residents.

After that day, nearly half the people on the street changed their roofs!