A Spill of Ink – a poem by rikki (8)

A Spill of Ink

A spill of ink can go faster then a blink.
It slips and slides
and almost


Across your ruined paper
You just sit there and frown
As your paper turns brown
“Oh nooo!” there goes another bottle of INK!!

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Blizzard – a poem by rikki (8)


hail hits the roof of my house

it sounds like somebody is pounding on huge drums right on my roof

small diamonds trickle from the sky, piling up every second

the trees sway up and down, up and down, as if picking up flowers from the ground

Sealed forever!

Sealed with a handshake

Alright! Both Rikki and Ronny agree and will write at least once a month. We are now officially friends forever (at least over the nets.) Ronny will be writing about serious and humorous issues – maybe something about global warming or the Iraq War, or maybe something about middle-school hobos. Rikki will be writing about stuff like poems, short stories and mischievous ideas!

Sometimes, we will write together.

ronrik 🙂